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Flat icons of 15ml centrifuge tubes open / Similar to 15 ml Falcon tubes

What are centrifuge tubes?

Centrifuge tubes are tubes made of glass or plastic that fit into centrifuge rotor cavities and are designed for the analysis of biological and chemical samples.Clear polypropylene centrifuge tubes with screw cap are often called Falcon tubes, a product manufactured by Becton Dickinson.

Centrifuge tubes are commonly used in centrifugation, separation by density gradients, sample storage and molecular biology among other applications.

What can I do on this website?

You will find below free drawings of 15mL conical centrifuge tube for use in scientific journals, posters, oral presentations, thesis, projects, books and other academic and scientific document.

If you want to get one of these images, choose a centrifuge tube with the desired volume, select a line color and download it for free.

Clip Arts of Centrifuge Tubes

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